Why our spinner rings?

They're unique, and positive!

There are MANY spinner rings on the market, and some are fabulously well made. Our spinner rings were created with a few things in mind from the beginning. We wanted to promote a positive message. We wanted to uplift people. We wanted to create something with meaning. Jewelry that's custom and personalized, created just the way you want it is what WE love to do! We really mean it when we say "We ADORE custom orders" :)

But, why OUR spinner rings?

Because we not only deliver excellent customer service, we like sleeping at night so we do our best to give you the BEST custom spinner ring we can! Whether it's a private message we hand stamp on the inside of your ring to tell yourself you ARE enough, or because it's NOT a cookie cutter piece of jewelry. We actually care about our customers and make this a personal journey, not just a shopping experience. Every detail matters!

Truly and honestly - personalized

What you want, where you want it. No cookie cutter mass produced junk. Each piece is handmade from start to finish with YOUR wishes in mind. We love creating personal jewelry with meaning. Your words, your quotes, your life experience and truly custom and personalized! Choose from many patterns, fonts, design stamps and know you're not alone in designing your ring. We're with you every step of the way!

Spinner rings for anxiety? Autism?

Yes. Along with meditation, breathing techniques and other tools I have found my own spinner rings to help calm my own anxiety down. Others have reported it as well. Spinner rings have been long known as a tool for those with autism. They help with stimming and calming in public places.

*NOT a medical claim! Please see a professional for any medical issues. I am not a professional :)

Spinner rings for meditation?

Meditation to me is breathing, focusing on the NOW and being present in my own skin, dealing with whatever is in front of me.

I spin my spinners (I have 3 spinners, one for breathing in positive, one for breathing out negative and one for acceptance of "right here, right now, it is what is is."

Socially acceptable empowerment

A calming focal point is important to have. Breathing is important to calming down. Spin, breathe in. Spin, breathe out. Slow it down, get focused in the moment. Tell yourself with each spin "I got this" "This too shall pass" "I am enough" "I love you" "Breathe"

For yourself or as a gift to someone else :)