What I make

Mixed metals spinner ring Copper base ring with matte and oxidized finish “I am enough” spinner stamped in lower case font I have 10 fonts to choose from and you can choose a design stamp to go with the quote. I have butterflies, dragonflies, “om” symbol, a cross, hearts and many more. This is by far the most popular custom item that is requested in my shop. You can have copper as your base ring. If you have reactions to copper, then you have the option of sterling silver, fine silver or brass as your base ring. You can have sterling silver, copper or brass as your spinner. You can also have the spinner be “naked” and have your “I am enough” stamped on the inside. Because hey, it’s private for some peeps! I spin mine and remind myself that I am enough Right here Right now You are too 🙂


silver ring 2

Secret message for your beloved



silver 5

Reminders to meditate with the word “faith” on Mixed metals rings

guitar pick lyrics
Sterling silver guitar pick It’s a Bruce Springsteen song snippet This was a contest prize
DAnn ring

Namaste and multiple spinners on copper


Dandelion design stamp on a cuff, that has yet to be flared into a spinner Sterling silver



cuff 2

Mixed metals cuff Sterling silver on copper Oxidized to highlight the stamps

Chris ring

Spinner ring with mixed metals spinners This ring was a custom ring …the spinners all had meaning to the customer

brass silver spinner

Mixed metals spinner ring Cool texture hammer and 2 brass spinners with a braided middle spinner


Sterling cuffs stamped in Italian


“Tree bark” hammered sterling silver ring


VP Boyle ring Live who you are is stamped on an overlap sterling ring


VP Boyle ring Love what you do stamped on the inside on an overlap ring

VP Boyle

Outside of the VP Boyle ring oxidized sterling silver


Serenity prayer wide band ring with dragonflies and turquoise. Sterling silver Fine silver brass dragonflies


Labradorite, fine silver, sterling silver


Abstract copper art Agate slice, copper frame, tree of life with a tiny moon All of my moons are on the right of my designs


Sterling silver “thinner spinner” Most of my spinner rings are 1/2″ wide This has a copper spinner


A customer wanted her word to meditate on to be “trust” To trust herself To trust the process she was in To trust it would all turn out okay Mixed metal spinner with small brass dragonfly


Mixed metal “marry me” spinner ring Imagine popping the question with this ring You’re on the beach, this ring is on a silk string You “find” it on the sand and pretend you can’t see what it says and ask her if she can read it The sun is setting, you’ve waited all day to do this It’s perfect. She says “yes” You’re making memories, put some thought into it. And put some heart into it. Then, don’t stop putting your heart and thought into the rest of your marriage til the day you die 🙂 PS This ring doesn’t guarantee she’ll say “yes” OR That you’ll have a happy marriage 🙂


Copper cuff wide band ring Brass starfish on etched brass Perfect beach jewelry


Fine and sterling silver briolette earrings All handmade Custom orders welcome The one is chalcedony. It has a soft pink/salmon hue and looks matte in the light


IMG_8226 Sterling silver cuff wide band ring Can be flared into a spinner ring With any amount of spinners These are some of my stamps and my hammer 🙂


Sterling silver stamped wide band rings with oxidized surface in matte


Grace spinner ring with sterling silver knot spinner and sterling silver simple spinner


Mixed metal wide band ring Copper base ring that has been etched with abstract designs Sterling silver layer stamped with “namaste” “The God in me, bows to the God in you” A wonderful warm “hello, I’m worth something, you’re worth something, let’s acknowledge that shall we?” Being honored as a human being, being greeted in this way makes me feel welcome on this planet. If God is love and love is God…then we’re all honoring the love inside one another by saying “Namaste” And you know what they say…”love makes the world go ’round”


Mixed metal spinner ring Copper matte base ring with a simple heart cut out Sterling silver band with brass heart spinner All of the metal has been left “naked” so as time passes, it will all oxidize to rich antique timeless colors.


Etched sterling silver spinner ring Sun rays with a Christian cross emanating from the center of the sun


Etched copper spinner ring Random abstract etch in the copper with “namaste” stamped in sterling silver


Mixed metal cuff wide band ring with a tiny flush set blue gemstone I have many gemstones available


If you know me, then you know I love trees…like, seriously LOVE them! Copper spinner ring with etched trees and mountains in the background. The sterling spinner has been hammered to be chunky and rugged


The “wave” spinner ring Sterling silver sheet, cut out with a jewelers saw to have cool edges This ring has a patterned sterling silver spinner


Here, I used a pattern for using metal in a rolling mill. I ran the sterling sheet through the rolling mill, this transfers the pattern to the metal. Then I formed it into a spinner ring. Added 3 spinners The middle spinner has a 3mm moonstone cabochon The ring itself is 18 gauge


Mixed metals cuff wide band ring Copper, etched with random designs Brass sunburst



4 thoughts on “What I make

    • lindabobindasdesigns says:

      Hi Elizabeth! Thanks, I enjoy coming up with the designs and am glad others enjoy them too!
      And, yep, I can make size 11. Which ring were you interested in or did you have a personalized and custom design in mind?


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