Tools I use


Chasing hammer, ring mandrel and bench pin. The chasing hammer is great for forming the ring onto the metal. The flat side makes quick work of sizing the ring up. The smaller side is great for adding texture. A ring mandrel is what we use to form the ring with. It’s a graduated metal stick (some are wood or plastic, don’t waste your time) that has marks for sizing. I think mine goes up to 14. After that you’ll need a larger mandrel. The bench pin – the wooden doohickey. Each metalsmith seems to create their own bench pin as they go. They all start out generic looking. But, as time goes on…we all grind down, notch and file our way into making the bench pin work for us. I do a ton of filing on mine so you can see where I cut it out to accommodate the rings.

Funny, when I got my first bench pin I was afraid to mark it up. I wanted to keep it pretty and perfect. That didn’t last very long!








calipers and dividers


hammers and stamps




My old butcher block tool organizer. It held so much hammers, my mandrels, my bench shear, my drill press and much much more!

4 thoughts on “Tools I use

  1. Shirley Walle says:

    Hello, Linda. I am curious what other tools you use. Particularly your torch for soldering. If you don’t mind telling me, what torch and fuel do you use? Do you fuse copper or silver, or do you only solder? I’ve been using mapp gas (for enameling), propane, and butane. I happened upon a Meco Midget torch a few weeks ago at a garage sale – it’s used with oxygen and any kind of gas (propane, natural gas, etc.) I haven’t set it up yet – just wondering if you use a gas with oxygen, or a hardware-type propane torch (they can do just about everything if one has the correct torch tips), or the ever-popular butane torches. Thanks!


  2. Shirley Walle says:

    Thank you for your reply and info. I’ve only used single fuel torches, first was propane 50 years ago for a Jr. High School project! I am in the midst of getting set up with oxy/propane. I want to fuse copper, and none of the torches I have will do that. We’ll see. Again, thanks. May your solder flow smoothly. Shirley (~_~)


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