Spinner ring sizing

Why do I need to size my ring?

Wide band rings fit differently than regular bands. They displace more skin and fat than a regular band. 

We recommend everyone to get sized by a local jewelry shop that has 1/2" ring sizers. 


Spinner rings can be 1/2 size to a full size up from your regular ring size. 

We carry a unique set of sizers specific to our spinner rings. 

Available from size 5 up to 16. 

It's been our experience that professional ring sizing helps ensure a good fit. 

We also carry thin band ring sizers as well. 

Custom Spinner ring sizers available

We created these custom spinner ring sizers so that you don't have to hunt down jewelers who may or may not have 1/2" wide ring sizers. 

They are all 1/2" wide (just like ours!) and are available from size 5 to size 16. 

We also have plastic slider sizers available as well.


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