The jewelers saw can be a place of zen. The most dangerous time, for me at least is when sawing out my metal designs is at the end. By the time I get to the end I’m “done” so I’m pushing my saw a bit harder than I need to and when the saw finally cuts through the metal…and my finger is in the way…Well…this is what I get for not staying in the zen place that sawing can create! Pay attention to the blade. Protect your fingers and learn to saw using proper body mechanics. Always keep a first aid kit in the studio. Sometimes fingers seem to bleed forever!

wonky spinner ring finger view wonky spinner ring 110J 3 8.5

I don’t know what’s more embarrassing. That I actually listed these for sale (for a minute anyway) or that I even bothered to take a picture of them.

They’re hideous. But back then I really thought they looked good. It was all in ignorance. I knew nothing about keeping the dapping punch even, annealing the metal before I flared and, sadly oblivious to the finishing/polishing of the ring.

The spinner is way too thin, causing it to collapse instead of spin. The edges were not filed down and the flare just flat out …sucks. But hey, I tried!

I fell down 99 times and got up one more time. My work is much better today and I have compassion for my earlier work. Still kind of makes me cringe though!

If you’re just beginning, keep going. Don’t give up. Take lots of photos because you can see where you were and compare your current work to your past work.

I remember looking up to the metalsmiths, silversmiths and goldsmiths like they were blessed by the hammer gods… The wise ones told me to keep trying and gently pointed out what was wrong and gave me pointers. They also told me where to go to educate myself to get better.

I’m glad I listened!

ring burst

This is was a ring. It burst into a zillion broke into 3 pieces. It caught fire and superman had to come save me made a “popping” and “snap” noise when it broke. It went into the “I dunno what the hell just happened” pile.

It made me cry. It made me want to quit. It made me think I was stupid and a failure. It made me say things I won’t repeat in a blog!

I was fairly new at ‘smithing. I overheated the ring trying to solder on a bezel cup. It wasn’t the first ring that flew into pieces a million pieces and it certainly won’t be the last.

I came into this metalsmithing thing thinking I was going to “own” this and “make this work MY way.” No, it’s not like that.

Now I know better. Metal doesn’t always obey and it’s better to work with the metal and learn how the metal works instead of fighting it all the time.

To you it’s a broken ring, to me it’s a lesson and reminder 🙂

How not to use a Potters press! Of course, following directions made it work like a charm!


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