I’m a jewelry designer/ jewelry artist /silversmith/ metalsmith/ artisan / creative soul

I’m a Gemini who gets lost in the bathroom. I have “bright shiny things” and my path through the house looks like a Family Circus comic strip.

I make things, out of copper and silver and shiny things.

I just love working playing with metal, okay?

And hammers, I really like love hammers. And tools. I’d rather have tools than shoes.

And coffee, I like love drinking coffee.

I have an obnoxious warped sense of humor. One time I laughed at a friends memorial service and when people gasped and turned around to stare at me, I simply said “Remember that time she was laughing so hard that she farted?” Yes, that’s me. I mean no harm, it’s just how my brain works.

And music, really loud. Okay, not so loud that my neighbors have to call the cops but loud, so I can sing along. I like to have fun like that.

I like love making pretty things. And if they’re not pretty to begin with, I keep at it til they are. If they’re still not pretty, then I put them aside. Sometimes artists make “happy accidents” out of the stuffage from the “what the hell is this” pile.

I love to create jewelry with a message. I love to create jewelry that has meaning.

“I am enough”  <<< that’s the message 🙂

I totally believe there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for, even on “bad” days.

I like love trees. I’m the one who screams “Pull over! Let’s take a picture of that tree” while driving 75 mph.

I’m married to my best friend. Seriously. He’s my soul mate and a beautiful one at that!

I have the best sister. She’s my funny/smart/beautiful/loving hero.

My kids are the greatest. Seriously, I won the mommy lottery

My grandson is perfect. He walks on water and I adore him!

My two dogs are loveable pains in the neck.

Did I mention I love coffee?

I live in Oregon…and love it here. Trees, coffee and my schnookum wookums…what more could a girl want? 😉


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