Places everyone!!

It’s almost that time again!! Farmers market time! Whoot!
Farmers markets everywhere are gearing up again for <drum roll> the SEASON!!
April 1, 2017 is the first day of Salem Saturday Market and we have NEW vendors and we’re just so excited to have them on board! 
The “season” for us actually started when we paid for our reserved spots we want to be in, ordered more ring displays and did some other “seasonal maintenance.”
There’s more to do, of course, but it’s raining, and we can’t quite do everything yet!
And we can’t do any waterproofing of the canopy in the rain either. We’re also putting some grommets in the shade this season to make set up and tear down easier. This weather we’re having leaves us with INDOOR options for maintenance lol <boring but necessary!>
Indoor maintenance involves ahem… some online shopping (someone has to do it!) 
We’re in the process of ordering an awning for the canopy. I spent a lot of time people watching when we were doing the Salem Saturday Market last year and noticed that people were more likely to linger if they’re comfy…and this means out of the sun and out of the rain. Everyone wants comfy customers, right? 😉
To me there’s nothing worse than the whole display being a space hog and my customers getting their necks sunburned while they’re browsing…or the dreaded drip when the canopy releases a bunch of water! We’re ordering the awning for our Caravan canopy from Fred’s – an online business up by Seattle. Here’s the link Canopies by Fred  
I also noticed last year that when I moved my jewelry display around people got excited because they thought I had new items! And it was “fresh” and new again (to them anyway!)
I guess there’s an immunity that people build up when they’re out shopping. You know… seeing the same old thing, in the same old place? After awhile your brain just doesn’t register it…kinda like your nose is ignored by your brain 😉
So anyway, the market season is almost upon us and I cannot wait for fresh produce, spring flowers, the smell of fresh bread wafting through the air, people walking their dogs and chatting, kids seeing things for the first time and families enjoying themselves.
This is my 2nd season of being on the arts and crafts jury. It’s been fun reading up on the why and how people do the things they do and it’s really been neat to get to see what they make and their creative makers spaces. 
Here’s the SSM site Salem Saturday Market (I love their headline – “We are SO ready for Spring” – aren’t we ALL ready for Spring!? It’s been a long winter and I cannot wait!)
You can the map here Salem Saturday market map –
The map is so useful, you can toggle on spaces on the map and see who is in that spot for that day….
Then, you can toggle on the vendor name and their spot on the map will highlight.
And, you can toggle the dates to see who will be where on what date!
Each vendor usually has some kind of contact info, maybe their facebook page or a phone number.
It’s a great tool to use to plan your visit to the market!
When I signed up for the market this year, I put a lot of thought into I overthunk my space placement. Oh.My.God. The “what if we” game played over and over in my head “what if we picked space B15 again? then we could face west and the sun won’t be in our eyes when we set up, but wait, the sun will be in the customers eyes when they walk by and they’ll just keep walking” or “what if we choose C1 this season? That way the sun won’t be in their eyes but it will be in OUR eyes” … Or “what if we’re by the bathrooms this season” or “what if we’re by this entrance or that entrance” or any of the million other scenarios I could think of overthink and make myself crazy over. I was tired after picking my top 3 choices! Now you know why the awning is important – customers comfort! Now maybe my head will shut up with the “what if” …hmmm 

ohmylanta that was a horrible run on sentence but that’s in my head, 24/7 😉

Remember when I said 2017 brings with it some major changes? Well, after we got our house last July, my husband retired (or is it “pre-tired”????) again and so now we’re both doing this together! <happy dance> 
We also put some of our jewelry into a brick and mortar shop. It’s in Lincoln City, Oregon -in a shop called “Rock Your World” – here’s the link Rock Your World Lincoln City Oregon  They have some of our spinner rings, Oregon necklaces and keychains and earrings. They also carry some pretty cool sunstone jewelry and are the local experts on all things rocks and gems. Stop in and say hi! 
The most exciting (to me anyway!) new is….We are also currently in the market for a minivan and are looking high and low for “the perfect fit” <insert dramatic music here> for our transportation needs. 
Last year, during one of the unloading out of our Tacoma I hit my head pretty hard on the canopy door latch and an inch either way I would have hit my eye – after that,  there was no question – time for something safer and easier to travel to markets and shows in. Ever hit your head so hard on something that it bounced and you saw stars? Anyway, I’ve been wanting a minivan for 2 years and it’s time 🙂 Plus, I’m not a spring chicken and climbing in and out of the back of trucks to unload for a farmers market is not fun. 
I’m excited about the minivan too – trips to see the kids and grandkids <fist pump> and room to haul the dogs so they can go agate hunting on the coast.
So, all good things and life is still good.
Don’t forget to plan your first day at the SSM on April 1, here’s to a wonderful and prosperous market season! 




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