Farmers Markets and other things…

Hey guys! It’s been a super busy couple of months. We’ve moved, increased inventory, finished out the market, changed displays, joined a boutique as a vendor and much much more!

I have to say, I’ve got mixed feelings on the 2016 Saturday Salem Market season ending. Between moving, being sick, truck not running right, migraines, family visiting and weather issues it’s been a wild ride!

IMG_2517.JPGThe world stops for this little boy. My beautiful grandson. I missed one Saturday market for this visit. My little Bubbie!

2016 with the Saturday Salem Market has been fabulous. The people I’ve met, the stories I’ve heard (totally unsolicited and spontaneous) when people realize the “I am enough” rings pertain to self esteem and the other cool stuff are things I’m really going to miss.

Getting to know the market manager, the workers and the other vendors has been a joy. They all work so hard. Like, I get to the market to set up around 6:00-6:30 every Saturday. The sun is just up and there are already vendors fully set up. Then I see dozens just getting there, like me. The market doesn’t open until 9. Then we all tear down and make the drive home, a good days work done.

I don’t know how many of my 3 followers actually read this, or live in the Salem area…but I want to brag on how spoiled I am with the market. First off, it’s easy to be around the market managers – they’re friendly, organized and super helpful when it comes to …vendoring stuff. The market load in and load out is organized and maintained and things are just… so much nicer. The staff that work at the market…my booth was on the corner this year for the most part so I could see the goings on- the staff set up the signs, help set up the non-profits canopies and do a myriad of other things, picking up trash, taking lost children back to the information booth, running after someone’s dog when they got loose (it was a wiener dog and that guy was running like someone left the gate open, I swear he was laughing as he bolted by) and they were just so helpful to all the vendors and the visitors. All those chairs out by the food area? The staff puts them there. All the clean walkways, yep…staff is all over it. All the signs put up around 6 a.m….in all kinds of weather…yep, staff again.

The board, the market manager, the staff and all the volunteers. You made my 2016 market season amazing. Thank you!

And the other vendors. Some of us never leave our booth except to use the ‘loo and maybe grab a bite to eat. There’s no time some days. So all the vendor neighbors I’ve had have been wonderful. We all babysit each others booths to let each other take care of some business. Canopy won’t go up? Your vendor neighbor will help you. Table leg broke? Someone usually has a screwdriver or the wood toy guy has a fun improvisation up his sleeve 😉

And those of you that helped this dwerpy newb straighten out my dysfunctional display …I thank you. You have been amazingly sweet and so helpful. There’s just no way to say “thanks” enough.


Busy busy display. So much work to do for 2017 market to “tighten up” the display.

Being only in my 2nd year at the markets and shows here in Oregon I’m a bit lot ignorant when it comes to weather related shenagagins. When they say 20-25 lbs weights on each corner…they mean it. That rule I followed. Never left home without those weights!

But the displays…oh the earrings that flew off the cards, the business cards and signs that went sailing away and other fun things that happen with wind – people that sell jewelry told me how they secure their items so they’re displayed well and securely. Whoever said artists are snobby and not helpful and “every man for himself” ~ ya’ll haven’t met my vendor family. They’re really down to earth and just so sweet.

To the newbs that came in after I did, welcome to the market. I hope you find your sweet spot, meet some great people and hit the numbers on all your sales 😀

oregon water coast sand.jpg

This last photo is the Oregon Coast. As we head into the ass kicking Christmas season and the stress mounts, I will be dreaming of running away to the coast in January or February to go agate hunting, storm watching and scout out some new shops on the coast to display my jewelry in. I love my job but all work and no play make life a little…eh…

Farewell 2016 Salem Saturday Market. See you at the Salem Holiday market!! Here’s the flyer and info! 2016 Salem Saturday Holiday Market, Oregon


Whoot! Hope to see you there!






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