2016 Market season and display pandemonium!

In 7 days the 2016 season for Saturday Salem Market will begin. In 12 days, the brand new outdoor market here in Oregon will begin on Thursdays from 3-9 pm at the Woodburn Outlet Mall in Woodburn, a bit South of Portland. I’ll update as we go, right now things are crazy with display and inventory and really wanting a van and we’re still house hunting!

So, with that being said….I’ll just focus on one new part of display for the heart art I started making this year. I usually make a ton of tree of life agate art…but agates were getting too hard to find and when I did find them, they were expensive. Rather than have such expensive pieces that weren’t selling well at the market last year, I thought I’d try to make something that was simple and less harsh on my hands. (If you have ever made a tree of life wrapped around an agate, you’ll know at the end, you’re wishing you had an extra pair of hands!) The other part of the display is one I already use but didn’t make a tutorial for…consider this a mini tutorial πŸ™‚

I was inspired to make this display part by a photo I had seen on Pinterest.


Example of chain display


I think this is simple, clean and uses an outdoor canopy really quite nicely. It saves the table space for other things and shows off a LOT of product vertically. Kudos to the brain behind this!!

Because I have an insane amount of necklaces, and now, the heart art… this type of display just made me do a artsy fartsy happy dance. If you do craft shows, art shows or farmers markets, and sell jewelry …then you’ll know the pain. The struggle is real! To find that ONE thing that is easily transportable, easy to set up in cold and hot weather (who wants to take gloves off to put things up, one by freezing one?)

Because I’m a klutz, I had to make mine secure-er. More secure. As in… “I’m going to drop it 40 times while setting up, so it has to be strong and unbreakable” and the ongoing saga of “it’s too cold for this !$#!@ so I have to have it easy up and easy down” OR conversely “it’s too hot for this @#$!# so I have to have it easy up and easy down” …AmIright? πŸ˜‰

Enter tools and tiny bits of hardware and measuring tape and math and wood dowels and an afternoon running around Salem, Oregon looking for all the bright shiny things I needed for this project. With a migraine. Fun.

I’ll keep it simple – here’s some eye hooks on the ends of my dowels and I found some chain and every 16 links, opened the link, inserted the end of the dowel with the eyehook screwed in and viola! Tiny ladder (which I didn’t “see” until I was all done) Kind of made me wish I had this for allllll the stuffed animals I had as a kid.

Here’s some pics, I kept it simple πŸ™‚


(I totally need to close the link more and sand that extra little label part off! Gotta love missing details with migraines!!)

It’s so easy and the chain was thin enough that I could open/close it using parallel pliers πŸ™‚

Dowels were from Joann’s. Chain/eyehooks, Home Depot. I found some nifty wood stain in a packet and I stained the rods a light oak. Not that they’ll STAY that color for 7 months but it was way easier to stain using a cloth than a brush, then I just tossed it. It came in a package similar to baby wipes! I am totally digging it!

Once I get it into the canopy and hang all the goodies off of it, I’ll get a better feel for what the height of the goodies needs to be πŸ™‚

That’s part ONE of the new display

Part two is a major issue I had at every show I have ever been to…how to hang the sign, how to hang the sign, how to hang the sign.

For a few years, I used a ribbon, a rope, tape, duct tape, string with weights and I’m sure you can think of some that you have used.

I finally decided, these are MY tables so I’m gonna own them and make them my custom whatevers…

I obsessed over this and it would come up in my dreams and my free time and over and Β over, the display voice would say “how can I hang the sign, the sign, the sign?” in a monotone voice.

So, one day this popped in my head. Thank the coffee gods for this one because I have NO idea where it came from. As far as I’m aware of, I’m the only one who does this. I have searched high and low for this idea and …nada.

It’s so easy and cheap that I kicked myself!

First, get yourself some Lifetime tables (or any table you can screw a washer to)

Measure out your signage. Mine are vinyl from Vista print or Office Depot or wherever I got them. My sign is about 36″ so I found the center of my sign, added some neodymium magnets (which are great for other aspects of display, just watch out, the bigger ones are really strong and SNAP together whether your finger or other body parts (don’t ask) are between two of them. And they’re fast, play with some…you’ll see!

Ahem, anyway…

I figured out where the center of my sign was and lined it up with the center of my table.

That’s where I started. Then I used a 5 minute epoxy to attach my 1″ super strong flat neo magnet and I also attached more magnets on the ends of my sign.

WARNING! If you do this on top of your table, the magnet will try to stay with any metal under the top of the table. So, glue the magnets on a NON magnetic surface. You’re welcome!

I did this with all my signs matched up where the center of my table was to the magnets and worked my way out.

I took 1″ metal washers and short screws to attach the washers to my table.

This way, all I have to do is throw on my table cloth and the magnets on the signs snap to the washers on the table. No more strings, no more ribbons, no more tablecloth being pulled off because someone snagged a rope and no more HEADACHES!

Easy peasy, here’s some picsΒ 20160326_16343720160326_163503

20160326_1634196 foot table jewelry display for show.jpg

This sign is OVER the table cloth using magnets on the opposite side πŸ™‚ Happy dancin yet?

With this show, I had to use their tables so I simple took magnets and put them on the other side of the table cloth so that the sign would still hang. I had to check it a lot to make sure it stayed straight but it worked!

Have fun! I’ll be busy with the market soon but I’ll try to remember to snap some pics along the way of the chain display πŸ™‚

By the way, credit for the chain display in the top photo goes toΒ Alchemary on Facebook




2 thoughts on “2016 Market season and display pandemonium!

    • lindabobindasdesigns says:

      Have fun! I used Gorilla glue and it peeled right off. Glue stayed on the magnets but peeled right off the banner. So I roughed up the banner using 100 grit sandpaper and used e6000.
      There HAS to be a way to do this! πŸ™‚
      Good luck at all your shows!


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