Decisions, Decisions!

I get asked a LOT of questions about custom orders. There’s so much to choose from when you’re ordering custom handmade jewelry!

I’m creating this blog to help my customers visually see their choices for their custom jewelry πŸ™‚

Typically, most of my orders are custom spinner rings, which I absolutely love to make!

My order forms go like this ~

Spinner ring

Metal choices…

Copper or sterling silver base ring (ring that is next to the finger)

See the copper ring in the upper right corner? That’s my signature “cow spots” spinner ring! Crazy cool designs! They’re all different πŸ™‚ (Best if you order it naked and matte, as time goes on the copper will oxidize to a gorgeous deep hue and really look cool against the silver color!)

The dark ring in the upper left pic is matte and antiqued with some hammered texture. The spinners are all different. It makes for an interesting mix. The sterling silver ring is hammered with the “tree trunk texture” and has multiple spinners as well. You can keep it simple with one spinner or go up to 3-4 spinners. You can also have a spinner ring and stamped band, just keep in mind that the more you have on there, the less room the spinners will have to spin πŸ™‚



(by the way, sizing a wide band ring is much different than a simple band..sometimes we add 1/2-full size larger than a regular ring. It’s all math and kinda boring but important!)

If you normally wear a size 8, then your spinner ring will probably NOT be a size 8. Wide band rings displace more skin which is why they get stuck. I recommend going to a jeweler and asking them to fit you for a 1/2 ring (if that’s what you’re ordering!) and get your true “wide ring size”

Why? Because in the few years I’ve been doing this I get heartbreaking emails and convo’s via Etsy all the time that their ring they ordered is too tight. They didn’t listen and went ahead and ordered a size 8, even though I told them they’ll need a size 8.5 or even a size 9. I don’t refund custom rings. They take hours to make and I’m so careful and considerate with each one. I take my orders seriously and have put a lot of time into learning what I know so I expect you to takeΒ  the high road and get sized properly πŸ™‚ It breaks my heart to hear “Linda, I proposed with a “marry me” ring you made me for the proposal but it’s too tight on her hand, what do I do?” See? Breaks my heart. I mean, I can *try* to resize it but once the ring is flared so the spinners stay on, it’s pretty much a pain in the rear to fix. So please, get fitted properly!

Rant over πŸ™‚

Width? Here you can see the “thinner spinners” They’re about 1/4″ and too thin to really “spin” the spinners. Rather, the spinners are pretty much decoration and can fall off because there’s no room. Spinners that are on the main “base” ring and don’t spin, I call those “fixed” spinners, because they’re “fixed” into place. It’s a great look and perfect for people who love the look, but don’t want the distraction of spinning rings!

I can make my rings as narrow or as wide as you want. I typically don’t go under 7-8 mm on the “thinner spinners” and I don’t recommend going over 1/2″ on the wide end. It’s entirely up to you though, you know your comfort level best πŸ™‚

On the main “base” ring, do you want anything stamped? If so…where? do you want a secret “love note” or name or date or quote that you want kept private? Easy peasy, if it’s short, then a larger font is doable, if it’s long, keep in mind the words will have to fit somehow and a smaller font will have to be considered.

You can always have the outside sprinkled with hearts, flowers, dragonflies, moons and stars. I have tons of examples, just ask!

You also have your choice of texture. I have special texture hammers that are awesome, as well as some rolling mill patterns!

You can have the edges straight or wavy.

You have your choice of matte or shiny for the “finish”


You have your choice of naked or antiqued for the “color” Oh! And “cow spots” too!!

I know, it’s overwhelming isn’t it? Of course, you can always link me to a ring I’ve made and say “make mine look like this” if it’s a simple “I am enough” ring and you happen to have a photo.

Want to know a secret? I have over 28,000 photos on my computer. Half of those (or better) are of my jewelry and the jewelry making process. It’s insane. I’m totally a share-queen (not a word in Websters? Oh well, I just made it up then!)


for the spinner -it’s the same thing


You can have a sterling silver, brass or copper spinner. You can have a MIX of spinners! You can have a simple, smooth or hammered spinner. You can have a heart/love knot spinner. You can have a tiny brass heart, dragonfly, dove, sunburst, starfish or dove added to your spinner! Keep in mind that the dragonfly, sunburst and starfish all have pointy ends. I smooth them down but, still, pointy.

You can have a 2 mm or 3 mm stone/gem cabochon added to your spinner

I can stamp with any of my dozens of design stamps

And, again with the finish and color ~ do you want the mirror finish or matte? And do you want naked (think “shiny penny” for copper) or antiquing?

You have your choice of fonts like these

And design stamps like these

I might get more in after I post this blog, just ask πŸ™‚

Added a tree, bird, musical stamps, tiny feet and another set of really cool fonts. I blacken in the stamp then rub it off. Here I was in a hurry but you can still see the stamp, even though I didn’t remove all the black off the higher parts.

And, if there’s something that you want me to add and are willing to wait for me to order the stamp, then ask and I’ll order it. It will be worth the wait, I promise!

The possibilities are endless. The combinations are mind boggling. Just when I think I’ve done all the combo’s, someone says “hey, can you put dragonflies on the edge and add a tiny brass sunburst in the middle” or some off the edge of the world design request and I perk up with “Wow, that is going to look so cool!” and then before I know it, we’ve added another fun design to my 28,000 photo pile!

I’ll try to keep up on this blog post by adding photos or removing them as time goes on. Things change around all the time!

Some photos I snap with my phone in my studio, where the light isn’t all that great.

I hope this helps you understand the fonts that you can choose from. And explains the finishes and colors and design stamps and how creative and fun overwhelming this whole process of “custom ring making” can be!

And a side note, hand stamping is using one stamp at a time and nothing is perfect. That’s what is so cool about it, it’s hand made!

Engraving is a whole ‘nother animal πŸ™‚ I do lots of handstamping and I’m not set up to do engraving. Engraving is beautiful though, isn’t it?

If you want to delve into the world of hand stamping, a great place to start is a place called or ~ there’s others (google is your friend) πŸ˜‰








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