Salem Saturday Market movie night! And, peaches! And …bright shiny things!!!!!

It’s been a long day and I’m in a rambling sort of writer mode.

Go get some coffee, a cookie and put your feet up. It’s gonna take a minute hour to wade through this post.

Some of you think I only write on this blog to sell my stuff and while that is partly true, I also do it as a “give back” or “pay it forward” thing.

I believe strongly in helping people and keeping good energy going. I believe if you smile at someone, let someone in line ahead of you or simply let a car go ahead of you and not act like you’re the only one on the road…that it contributes to the good of the world. We can all do it in small ways. It matters. It all adds up.

That being said, I also write this blog to show other, newer than me metalsmiths how I use my tools. Why? Because others have done it for me. And, it’s fun. I don’t ever work…I have fun. I play. Even when I do the dishes…it’s a mindset. I haven’t found a way to do that with the dentist though…pffft.

Bright shiny things, you still with me?

Sorry I wandered off! I also do this blog to show how I do vendor set up. I have been making and selling jewelry for about 4 years now.

I come from humble as heck beginnings. I “made do” with what I had in the way of tools and materials.

I got flack for not just maxing out my credit cards and getting a business loan and “doing it right” from the beginning. 4 years later, I think I have some experience for those of us that are building our small businesses piecemeal. One tool at a time, one class at a time, one ring at a time!

I also have some experience from making many many mistakes! Thanks to people on youtube (Soham Harrison, Nancy L.T. Hamilton, Melissa Muir and others) and many others that aren’t on youtube on the web that share info…I’ve learned a lot. I encourage you to check them out as well.

So, back to “giving back”

I’m really lucky to be part of the 3rd largest market in Oregon.

The markets, for those of you that are local…or maybe you’re going to visit during May-October when the market is happening are on Mondays, Wednesdays and the big one is on Saturdays.

Not “just” a farmers market. Not “just” a craft market.

It’s artisans.

Let me say that again.


There are wood artisans, painter artisans, glass artisans, ceramic artisans, coffee (SCORE!!) artisans, oil artisans and food artisans.

Salem Saturday Market juries everyone. So it’s good stuff. I’m really fortunate to be with these people.

The bakers, artisans of all things flour and not flour (they have gluten free and sugar free and other “free” baked goods as well.


For 3.00 I snagged up THIS epicurean edible. (the cinnamon roll, not the berries!)

roll with berries


Baked with some wonderful gooey goodness but not too much. And they didn’t skimp on raisins either. Just sweet enough but not *too* sweet.

And the vendors? Mrs. Clugston’s. Based in Brownsville, Oregon.

They’re so nice. All the vendors are nice. But these ladies…they’re really sweet.

I just enjoy shopping at their spot!

I got the berries (see the pale ones? they’re like honey raspberries…this city slicker does not KNOW what kind of berries they are but they’re delightful!) I found those little pretties at Whiskey Hill Berry Garden.

You can find fresh produce (you HAVE got to try the fruits and vegetables from the Willamette Valley area) and fresh flowers. There’s something about the dirt, the air, the water and the gifts that the farmers in the area have that really make the best produce in the world.

But that’s not all.


There’s a full list of vendors and what they make here Salem Saturday Market

There’s something for everyone!!

Make a day of it. If it’s hot, come early and remember that when the temperatures climb, your dogs paws burn.

Dogs paws burn at 130 degrees. One day a few weeks ago, my vendor neighbor Nancy, from Oregon Grown Emu, went around with a laser temperature gun and showed people as they walked by with their dogs how hot the asphalt was. The highest I saw that day was 153. I put my hand on the black asphalt and could NOT hold it there. I felt bad for the dogs walking by later in the day.

She said that small dogs are lower and closer to the asphalt and the heat is like walking on a barbeque.

She showed me how the dogs were pulling their owners into the shade to cool off their feet. And, how they were picking up their feet and doing this little “dance” to get away from the burn. Seriously… hot. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Your dogs can’t talk, so when it’s hot leave them at home or come early. Some vendors have water for your dogs. We love dogs at the market. They’re so much fun to see!! And the fun part about being a vendor is, if I’m not with a customer then I get to people watch and I really enjoy that! And, being an animal lover, I DO love watching the dogs parade by as well!

Keep an eye on the Saturday Salem Market website because they’re having a movie night!

August 22, 2015 from 6 pm to 10:30.

The movie starts at 8:45.

The movie will be Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Some food vendors will stay past the regular closing time (or early if it’s hot) and the market will be rearranged so that the space for movie night can be created. Some vendors will remain. You’ll have to see!

Can you imagine? Movies in the Salem Market place? How cool is that??? Movies and popcorn under the stars. Sounds like fun, right?

Family fun! Date night fun! Inexpensive fun! And you don’t have to hide your candy/popcorn/drinks when you come in (not that I know annnnyyything about that!)

I’m sure that the SSM (Saturday Salem Market) will have more info as movie night gets closer!

Here’s another link to “Block Party Salem” on facebook. Check it out! Block Party Salem

Back to the “give back” thing I’ve been talking about. (I know, I know…it takes me foreverrrr to get to the point!)

I really want people to know that our area is fun and if you’re new then you may not know about the SSM or things like the Bounty Market (in Dallas, Oregon) or many of the really cool events our area has to offer.

That’s what this blog post is about. I wanted to get the word out.

I heard that even locals don’t know about the Saturday Market and that’s really a shame because it’s such a cool thing to go to.

Tourists! Get your gifts here! You know you want a special memento of your visit, right?

It’s fun and lively ๐Ÿ™‚

Oh! Speaking of lively… you DO know there’s live music at the Saturday Market, right? There’s a different band every week or so that plays near the food court ๐Ÿ™‚

Then,ย  I’ve seen random cello players, small groups of singers/guitar players, violin players and others too. It’s fun to watch. There’s just so much to see!! Have I sold you on it yet? It only goes until Oct 31rst. And the produce does not last that long. Get it while you can!

Salem has a place you can go to check out events here Travel Salem event calendar

I hope you go and I hope you have fun.

I would love to see you but I’ll be staying home resting my back.

Wait, why?

Because I threw my back out, that’s why.

Am I the only one who throws their back out picking up a 3 lb dog bed? Yep. I was using my food saver to put up 20 lbs of peaches (ummm…organic rich juicy ripe Oregon peaches are to die for!) in the freezer.

Disclaimer…side trip here…

my brain

Okay, a tiny bit about me and my dreams…you might want to go let the dog out, make a pot of coffee or throw a load in the laundry… I’m feeling a tad guilty about not blogging more often so this will be a long…er… post. ๐Ÿ™‚

See, ever since BEFORE we moved to Oregon from So Cal, I have had dreams of raising grass fed organic eggy chickens, canning my own fruits and veggies, milking goats and some sort of rustic metal smithing school/retreat once a month kind of thing.

Hey, I’m a Gemini, we dream big m’kay?

Not that I would be “the” teacher but one of them, for simple classes. I wanted to create a place for people to come together and share ideas, share food and have a sense of community. Sounds cool…right?

Because of where things are with our lives, the chickens/goats/garden and canning isn’t on the radar (YET) so I got my little “homesteading fix” by freezing peaches.

(Don’t laugh, I don’t know a single thing about canning so shush!)

I was thrilled. As in school girl giggling when I carted off a heavy box of Elberta peaches. The sign on the box said “great for freezing” and “that”ย  light went on.

If you know me, you know what that means. It means “I MUST do this and I MUST do this now.” That lightbulb gets me into more trouble…

Because Captain Picard says THIS

great idea 1

I seriously went to the fruit/veggies stand for a “few things.”

I swear.

Then I saw the box. A very large box of gorgeous peachy goodness.

Marked “Elberta peaches, perfect for freezing.”

Did I think of the room I had (or didn’t have) in my freezer? Nope.

Did I think of how hot it would be to boil TWENTY friggin POUNDS of peaches? Nope. (we don’t have a central air conditioner…you normally don’t NEED one here in Oregon but we’re having a major heat wave)

I was just on some quest because of the lightbulb in my head.

Martha Stewart, are you listening? All of your magazines, tv shows and what not… pffft

I’m laughing. Why? Because instead of being some elegant “oooh look at me, I’m just like MarthafreakingStewart and gliding through my kitchen while my hair stays perfect freezing peaches perfectly after parboiling them to parboiled-going-to-freeze- perfection….


It looked like an “I love Lucy” episode.

A total Pinterest fail.

I had peaches flying everywhere. I had no idea parboiling peaches left this fuzzy gunk on top of the water in the pot. Then the skin wouldn’t peel right, so I had skin everywhere. I still don’t know how I got skin on my elbows! They’re slippery. And getting the pits out…ouch.

Then I panicked because I needed a BIGGER pot to put in after I boiled them and and and…

And of course, Mr. Bobinda kept yelling from the living room things like…

“Honey, do you need any help in there?” (giggles “Nope, I got this”)

“Linda, are you okay?” (snortgigglegasp “Why would you think I WASN’T ok?”)

“WHAT is so funny?” (“because I’m over my head and I can’t <giggle snort> channel my INNER MARTHA STEWART!!!”)

THAT statement made him come into the kitchen, look around at the peachy carnage…and rub his forehead. And then turn around and leave.

Which only made me laugh harder.

and the ever present (in my house anyway)

“Why are you talking to yourself again?” (“For the last time, I talk to myself because it’s how I ‘process’ things. It’s how I get from point A to point B. It’s how I try to make sense of things in Linda land, that’s why!”)ย  <giggle snort>

His retort?

“Maybe you should listen to yourself….or write things down”

And from the kitchen I mock him silently “maybe you should…blah blah blah.”

And I don’t dare tell HIM what else I’m thinking, because it…it just alarms him.

(I was thinking how we needed another freezer so I could make MORE peaches and tomatoes and and and oooh a side of beef… )

So I keep it to myself. And work feverishly cackling away as I do so.

peaches 2

Maybe I was laughing because THIS is a LOT of freaking peaches to me. WHAT was I thinking? Oh wait, I wasn’t!ย 

I had to wash 20 lbs of peaches, then cut tiny “x” in the bottom, then boil them for 20 seconds, peel them and well… it was messy. And I didn’t really think 20 lbs was all that much, when I bought it.

The box looked small when I got it at the farmers stand.

But, when I got it home, it turned into a phenomenon I call “the Costco effect”

“But, Linda…what IS this mysterious “Costco effect” you speaketh of?”

Glad you asked!!!

It’s the thing I go through when I shop at Costco. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.

Are you grinning yet? You do the same thing, don’t you? Yep! I knew it!

A great example is this huge box of crackers, it’s “small” at Costco and it’s a great price, so in the ginormous cart they go.

Then, somehow…on the way home, they magically grow in size and somehow don’t fit in my cabinets. Our house is a 1950’s rental in a farming community. The kitchen is wonderfully huge but the cabinets are dinky. All of a sudden it’s this huge box of crackers. But it didn’t SEEM that big when we were at Costco. pffft

And I do this. Every. Single. Time. Whether it’s a box of crackers, or a couch or a parrot. (I have interesting shopping impulses lol)

Lightbulb is code for “seemed like a good idea at the time” sometimes eh?

And every time, I am shocked!

This is a TWELVE quart pot. It’s massive. To me, anyhow.


But who can resist the pull of “putting up” peaches to make on freezing cold Oregon night? Not just COLD but FREEZING COLD winter nights? The whole grounding process of making food from scratch. The whole house filling up with that delectable pie/cobbler bubbling over the crust SMELL.

Because winter is coming.

Thanks, Dad. For giving me the survivalist mentality that I will somehow STARVE and FREEZE to death if I don’t have canned beans and 10,000 blankets when winter comes. Because Costco is great for people like me, when winter is coming.



It’s soooo going to be worth it!!

Yep, while the rest of the world is shopping for those ugly anemic looking peaches that will never ripen and have no taste…BoBinda will be happily opening her freezer and smiling (okay, I’ll be laughing as well) and pulling out a bag of frozen peaches for pie, cobblers or some oatmeal/quinoa/apple/peach thing for breakfast.

And I’ll have some cool memories to boot.

The first batch I accidentally forgot I was supposed to SLICE them, then freeze them whole, for the food saver bag. (that thing is way too much fun) I mushed em all together, thinking I was making more freezer jam. (yeah yeah, I know… but can you really EVER have TOO many peaches?)

Freezer jam was several weeks ago. I had no idea what I was doing. The article said “jars and peaches”…the rest is a blur. I really might want to sign up for some classes huh?

Anyway, back to the present moment… Mushed up peaches and umm…no containers to freeze them in. None.

Laughter ensues.

Talking to myself and chiding myself “Linda, you have no containers to freeze this pile of smushed up…what in the heck are you going to do now Ms. WannaBeMarthaFreakingStewart?” (yes, I really do talk to myself like that) “and you think you’re going to raise chickens? You’ll probably kill them all. No goats for you!” On and on.

The romantic gliding crazy I love Lucy episode through the kitchen stopped. I turned my music down so I could think.

This makes Mr. Bobinda kinda nervous, when it gets quiet. Sometimes I do it just to mess with him ๐Ÿ˜‰

The only thing that came to mind was the muffin pan.

THANK GOD!!! Because there is only so much room in my freezer. The refrigerator comes with the rental house we’re in. Beggars can’t be choosers.

My night was a Martha Stewart meets McGyver meets I love Lucy.

What a mess.

What fun.

peaches 3

^^^ THIS is a total McGyver move. Impromptu “shelf” legs made from coffee cups and a large cutting board.

The article I read said “freeze peaches solid so the food saver will seal air out properly, otherwise the juice will gunk up the blah blah blah” (who reads things all the way through anyway?) So all I knew is they all had to be FROZEN. How hard could that be?


Half way through the FIRST bag of food saver my 5.00 food saver yard sale treasure finally burned up. It stopped sealing.

And I’m looking at 19 lbs of peaches…

Which meant a sort of panic ensued.

get to the chopper

I needed to go to the store RIGHT NOW.

Which meant pulling the dog bed into a room to cordon the dogs off away from the rest of the house.

And that’s when I hurt my back.

THREE POUNDS of dog bed. That’s all. There’s no “I hurt my back pulling a 78 year old man from a burning car” story…

I bent over wrong. That’s all. Nothing dramatic.

Using a cane, I made it through the rest of the day. I found another food saver (a better one yay) and finished my wanna be homesteading chore.

Moving around when I could not bend forward, made the rest of the day interesting. I didn’t even bother with music. When the going gets tough… the tough get going. And whining all the way!

peaches4All done!!

Freezer jam, frozen peaches and blueberries. All ready for a freezing cold winter. I’m ready for my winter baking!! YAY!!

Baking makes me happy. Being in the kitchen makes me happy. Hammering jewelry makes me happy. Being in Oregon makes me happy. Buying cinnamon rolls from amazing bakers makes me happy. Writing a silly long winded blog makes me happy.

Life is too short to not have fun or eat stupid food or not have fabulous mistake laden adventures.

Go to the market, live a little.


Buy some peaches and be a little rebel for once.

I hope you guys have fun at the market tomorrow!



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