Art in the Park, Dallas Oregon


Art in the Park was last Sunday. What a hoot!

There’s something special fun exciting tiring cool about getting up at 4 a.m. and making sure you get to a venue by check in time. The check in, load in and load out…could not have been ANY easier. It was so organized that they had cheerful people pointing the way my space was and repeating where the vendors parked!

I’m glad I packed coffee because it was a crazy busy day and I needed it!

The setting was Dallas City Park. Dallas, Oregon. Great little park. Green grass and TREES!! What more could a girl ask for? 🙂

Art in the Park in Dallas is hosted by the Dallas Art Association and it’s at the end of a 3 days long festival called “Summerfest.” I don’t know enough about it to write about it but google is your friend here 🙂

It had rained on Saturday and there was a parade in town, so the kids were all excited about “getting to parade in the rain” and gushing when I said “great job” ~ I had no idea what they did or if they were in the parade or not but hey, a “great job” for showing up and parading in the rain, right?!! There are some photos online in the local paper showing the kids in the rain. Oregon kids are priceless and too cute!

The weather was great, nice and cool in the morning. The venue was shady and clean and just…le sigh… peaceful. I really enjoyed it. It seemed well organized and the people could not be any friendlier and helpful. I don’t know if you know how hard it is to put on an event like this but it’s a lot of work!


After unloading my stuff in space 45 and parking my little car, I walked this lovely little park road back to my spot. Breathing in 6:30 a.m. Oregon air is exhilarating and calming at the same time.


I snapped a few shots around me as I walked up to my spot. This is all from my camera phone.

artinthepark4Cute playground, lots of green grass and TREES!

art in the park 1

Lots of trees and plenty of places for kids to run around! TREES!!!


See that canopy at half mast on the far right?

That’s me. I’m setting up alone today. I thought worried wondered agonized about it all night prior. It went much easier than I thought it would be. I just relaxed and enjoyed it. I decided after the rain the day (at the Saturday Salem Market) before to leave sidewalls off and pull everything in to the center of my canopy. I wanted people to have a place to look at my stuff without being rained on. It worked out great, because when it poured…people were dry. Very good tips I learned from all the Saturday Salem Market vendor neighbors!!


All set up. I love the color purple! As you can tell, I’m not a degree holder in the art of flowy fabric so I don’t know quite what to do with the purple sheer fabric and it shows.

I’m okay with it though, because later… little boys with sticky ice cream fingers and dogs with lifted legs would visit. I’m glad my decorating skills were lacking because there were people who weren’t paying attention to their dogs and a little leg lifting happened. My sheers were spared. Thank God for poor aim or I would have had to use gloves to touch my weight bags. Those pvc pipe weights that are long and skinny and hang from the top of the canopy are looking miiiigggghhhtttty good right now!

ukelele display1

My little orange ukelele I turned into a guitar pick necklace display.

Oh wait, you didn’t know about my guitar pick necklaces? Here, let me show you a couple. A lotvegan guitar picks 1 Guitar picks

What they looked like before all the stamping and antiquing 🙂

i pick you

copper guitar picks 5 copper guitar picks 4 copper guitar picks 3

copper guitar picks 2 copper guitar picks 1

I had a lot of fun making these. I just wanted a few for the Saturday Salem Market and ended up just pressing out one die after another. I tend to get a tiny bit lot ocd and keep going. There is sometimes never a “stop” button.

I should make another blog on how I used the hydraulic press to make these die and how I used the rolling mill to make the designs and how I stamped to create the look some of them have. I turn into a little kid in the studio…it’s way too much fun.

The ukelele just made sense to me for a guitar pick display piece. It’s this outrageously bright orange. I had it under my bench for a few days til I figured out how it was going to work in the display and I would take it out to play it. Fun stuff!!

More of my display…

tiny guitar display 1

Tiny guitars and guitar pick necklaces

pick display 1 Okay, I might have made a lot more picks than I thought I did..just a tiny bit!

This is the “To the moon and back” display. I had to add some other necklaces in the same price range. Those are tiny chalkboards that I formed to the tall display pieces.

necklace4 necklace3

earring display1

Earring cards all match!! I found them online. Each earring card is on a small board that has a magnet on it. Easy on and off for the display. I love magnets! I created a way to transport them where I don’t have to remove them every time and is stable. Life is good!

I was ready way ahead of time. It seems like time just flew by. It was such a calm setting and everyone seemed so zen. Except for some kids that were jacked up on sugar and post parading in the rain!


This was my vendor neighbor. Gorgeous flowers and plants. Flowers and plants do very well here. I watched them set up and I’m telling ya, all of a sudden MY back didn’t hurt as bad…that’s a lot of work!


Peaches!!! I got so busy that I forgot peaches. Any and all produce in this wonderful Willamette Valley is amazing. I’ve never been to an Art Show that had food vendors but those peaches sure looked and smelled like works of art. I’m so bummed that I forgot them.

I was lucky to be near the bathrooms, you all know how much I love coffee!! Perfect placement. How did they know?

Since I didn’t have help, I couldn’t just wander off and enjoy everyone’s booth like I normally would so when things were quiet, I snapped some pics of my vendor neighbors and chatted with my next door neighbor, Judy. She made jewelry too and showed me some pretty nifty shade stuff that she uses instead of sidewalls. Her husband cracked me up with some of the stuff he said.

Good vendor neighbors are like gold. Working alone and asking Judy to watch my booth while I ran to the ‘loo was priceless. Thank you Judy!!

I recognized some of the vendors from the Saturday Salem Market. They’re all just really neat people. They are just so laid back and kind.

Lots more people came though than I thought would. The crowds were diverse so I got to chat with lots of different people.

I even sold my favorite turquoise Serenity Prayer ring. IMG_8868 IMG_8867 IMG_8866 IMG_8865

A new friend and Salem Etsy Team member came with her chair so she could hang out with me…and brought some of her lip balm (my new addiction because I snagged six of them!) You should check her out. Her name on Etsy is “Bee Simple 2” and her lip balms are amazing. I left mine in my car and on a 100 degree day I need some lip balm. I went to use it and it wasn’t liquid! Anyway, it was super soft but there was no mess. It really helped my lips. The heat just dries me out. My favorite is the cinnamon orange. Check it out. Amazing stuff that won’t break the bank. I don’t push products unless I love them.  🙂

One last thing.

The rain.

Vendor friends and jewelry makers that do the market in Portland warned me “You’ll get wet in places you didn’t know could get wet” …and they were right.

Mr. Bobinda had to work on Sunday. When he got off work, he came down to help me tear down my booth. The rain started and we were laughing our butts off trying to balance everything til we could finally get the canopy down and put it in the car. While taking the canopy down, a wall of water came off the side and just nailed me in the face. This is why I don’t wear hearing aids outside…crap like this happens all the time. I’m glad I left my phone in the car or it would have died.

We just kept laughing and working as fast as we could. It was fun and a tad bit romantic at the same time. You can’t make this stuff up and I’ll always treasure the memories of tearing down my first “Art in the Park” canopy. I’ve been rejected from a few of them so it will always be something I cherish.

Can’t wait to see what the rest of summer holds, it’s been awesome so far!!




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