Saturday Salem Market

We moved from Southern California to Dallas, Oregon over a year ago and we absolutely love it here.

Trees, clean air, the laid back lifestyle, the coffee (me), craft beer (him)

It’s springtime and…

Can I just tell you about the produce in Oregon?

Specifically… the strawberries?

You know that supermarket strawberry that is SUPPOSED to be red all the way through? And IF it is red…and tastes crappy, then it’s “treated” or…some weirdness?

Let me describe an Oregon strawberry… from a farmer…at a farmers market.

They LOOK rich, from the leafy green stem to the little pointy butt. They are RED all the way through. You don’t need to add sugar to them when you make a strawberry shortcake. You don’t even need the whipped cream or the cake. Okay, maybe the whipped cream! πŸ˜‰

They smell like…REAL strawberries. They tickle your nose hairs with the tangy tartness that is the bomb diggity!

And the taste? They’re just delicious. And so many sizes, so many levels of sweetness and red. Those green baskets that line the tables at the markets…ohmyyyyy (nod to GeorgeTakei there)

Delectable, wonderfulicious, amazeballs, scrumptchy umpchty (haha my spell check is having a fit!)

The dirt here in the Willamette Valley has been blessed by the berry gods, the fruit gods and the veggie gods. It’s so rich and so fertile that it just… sigh.

Makes for some really good healthy yummy food.

Okay… enough of the amazing heavenly strawberries. I can go on about their blueberries too….just substitute “blueberry” for “strawberry” and you have it.

On to the Saturday Salem Market.

You know my blog posts are long, right? Ahem…okay. Go get your coffee, let the dog out, give the dog a bone and I’ll be right here.

Better? Okay…

Saturday Salem Market is the best. It’s not the usual Farmers Market that I’m used to. I don’t know what the rest of the world is like, but this one has a vibrancy and an energy that is laid back (they love for people to bring their dogs!) and WELL planned out and so nicely organized.

Being who I am and all, I thought it would be cool to get in but thought it would be hard or too costly or they’re snobs (some places have made me cynical) or you don’t make any money if you sell jewelry at a Farmers Market or blah blah freaking BLAH and fill in all the other “or” (excuses anyone?) that my pretty little head could conjure up.

It’s footwork and well worth it. I actually made a much bigger deal out of it and had useless anxiety about it.


I applied, did the footwork and went to a jury. The jury was the most nerve wracking part. I don’t know why but it was.

Again, I simply did what they asked me to do, got my stuffage together and took it there. My husband went with me and was amazingly supportive. He deserves husband of the year, every day.

Walked into the jury room and met the jury and the first thing out of their mouth was “We want to welcome you, we are all vendors and have been in your shoes.”

My heart soared. 8 or 9 women… just so cool.

So I spent the next 20-30 minutes passing out spinner rings, stacker rings, my tree of life agate art and cuffs to a group of really cool ladies that were full of questions. “You made all this yourself? How did you make it? What got you into this? WHAT is this?” (tree of life agate art and spinner rings…some people ask me that lol)

I was so nervous that my voice went up a zillion octaves. But they were so warm and friendly…it made it so much easier πŸ™‚

They asked me if I had any questions so I asked THEM what THEY made..and they told me. They make pretty cool stuffage!!!

and just like that, my time was up…

Then we packed up my stuffage and drove home. Then I waited…and waited (it was a Thursday night that I got juried) and finally the following week I started getting the emails and the “send your fees here” and the

YOU’RE IN announcement.

I jumped for joy, did the shimmy shimmy shake (oh come on, you do it when nobody is looking…right? RIGHT??!) I screamed, jumped again and was thrilled.

I’m still thrilled.

Found all my stuffage, display and COFFEE stuff and showed up at 7 a.m. to set up. After set up we just waited. Then the people came.

All day long.

They have roving musicians. They play for 20-30 minutes in an area, then move to another area. Some of them sang but I couldn’t make out a single lyric! (I forgot my hearing aids at home lol) and a couple of guys played the cello. It was fun, it was pleasant and relaxed.

People walked their dogs, pushed them in strollers, let them sniff each other, fed them treats. If you like to people watch…it’s fun!

I’ve even found a vendor that makes aprons!! Soooo happy about that (it’s the little things!) They’re going to add pockets that are purple to match my decor.

The vendor on one side makes and sells jelly. She was amazingly sweet and funny and full of little tips to make vendorville a whiz. The vendor on my right sold flowers. Big bushy planters full of colorful flowers! Both gals were super busy!

I can go on and on with the vendors there. I got to meet Ben, who is on the board of directors. He was a few booths down. Very cool guy! He was very warm and welcoming! His booth was full of amazing art.

The Saturday Salem Market seems really well organized and they seem like they care about their vendors and their people that come through. I know for something like that to be so well organized and thought out that there’s a lot of hard work going on behind the scenes. Bravo! The nice things I heard from the customers about the market made me feel very proud to be a part of it πŸ™‚

I didn’t get to see the whole market…I was pretty busy. Either in the booth or running to the loo. They have handwashing stations at the loo! You pump the water with your foot, fun! So grateful for the loo when you’re a coffee lover like me lol

They sell everything there. It’s fun, the people are great, the vendors are fabulous and it’s the perfect place for me at this point and time in the Universe.

Here’s a few snaps of my display… ring table display1

My amazing friends Randy and Kristie made the ring display blocks ROCK!

They’re masters at wood stuff. I can’t thank you two enough!! And thanks for stopping by, I loved seeing both of you!!

ring display 2

Fabric on sale at a yard sale. Provides the perfect “POP” of color on the spice rack riser in a mostly black display. I want to keep it simple. Each size ring has its own wood block “island” and is clearly marked. Tiny chalkboard signs everywhere with item names and pricing. Thank God for Pinterest and the cool chicks in my Salem Etsy Team for answering allllllll of my questions!

ring display 1

earrings display 3

I found this rotating earring stand at a horse farm yard sale of all places! They had a small gift shop in the back. Wonderful people! I love Oregon. Cute tiny horses too. Where else can you take a country road to a yard sale at a horse farm? HERE! The earring cards have tiny neo magnets on the back so they just pull off and snap back on when my customers want to look at earrings. I love magnets. I turn 5 when magnets are around…they’re just too much fun!

cuff display 1Cuffs in display. Note my little Buddha statue on the very top! πŸ™‚

Small polished black river rocks and pearl glass made for great display filler. Another “find”

agate art display 1Agate art display… sorry for the lighting! Another “find” πŸ™‚

moon and back display

Chalkboard sign attached to a tower attached to the “love you to the moon and back sign. Perfect for my hand stamped “I love you to the moon and back”Β  necklaces!

whole booth shot1Finally, the whole shebang

It looks lopsided with only one banner on the left table. I’ll be adding another banner. I’ll be adding or subtracting for months, I’m sure! We Gemini’s are never quite happy. Always fiddling with this and that. I don’t think I can NOT fiddle.

And, who KNEW that the canopy has little loops at the top of each corner to tie a banner onto. Thank you Gingifer for being such a cool vendor neighbor! You gave me some life saving vendorville nuggets and didn’t make fun of me because it was like…so obvious what they were for lol

I had fun. WE had fun. “We” you say?

I can’t leave out Alex.

She really helped me out.

I could not have done this without her.

Alex… I truly believe that you are a special little gem. Thank You!

So go, get out and go see the market. Even if you’re not in Salem…go see and meet your local farmers. Buy local. Screw Squallmart and the big box mass produced stores…buy from your local artists, your farmers, your food artists (I consider the baked goods gifts from heaven!), your wood, glass, metal and painting artisans…Get off your butt and grab a friend…head outside. Grab a coffee and talk about life. Go have FUN!

Tiny side note…

I’ve heard from some people that my display is getting copied or that my art is getting copied or whatever <insert here> is getting copied. I caught one girl snapping a pic of a necklace on my display. I blatantly asked her “are you going to copy my work?” (nicely..I asked nicely!) She said she wasn’t but… you never know.

I believe in karma. You know when you copy someone’s work or whatever that it’s wrong. I think if you steal, you will be stolen from. If you cheat…then you will be cheated out of something.

If you copy my work (or anyone’s work, really) that you’re not just stealing but you’re cheating yourself out of the reward of creativity, connection to the Universe (I know..sounds weird but think about it) and other goodies when you do your OWN work…

I think if you need money that bad, then go for it. Maybe you have babies to feed, maybe chemo is expensive or maybe this is food on your table…a roof over your head. Maybe you’re just a thief and run through life taking from others…whatever…

No, I’m not giving you PERMISSION to be an asshat and STEAL my ideas or my hard work… but I can’t stop you. Just know that you and I both know it’s wrong and that karma WILL bite you in the end. I wish you the best, I really do. But seriously…not nice to steal. Just sayin.

Believe in yourself. Go make YOUR OWN stuff. Even ugly stuff. It turns into pretty stuff eventually.Β Β Β  I make ugly stuff all the time, I copied x,y,z to learn how to do it…then found my own BoBinda spin to put on it. You CAN DO THE SAME THING! Then, it’s not stealing πŸ™‚ I know, brilliant huh? You’re welcome πŸ™‚ Seriously…don’t steal. Bad bad karma. Rant over. For now.

I am totally random today. I’m still tired and sore from yesterday so forgive my allllll over the map chatter.

Thank you Salem Saturday Market, all the peeps behind the scenes, my fellow vendors, cool customers that both looked and purchased. Thank you roving music peeps and those of you that brought your dogs…I had a magical first day in vendorville.

I leave you with this… a random sign that has my favorite substance in the world

coffee sign

Or maybe she’s a Gemini with a busy bright shiny things kind of mind who loves coffee and loud music…and life.



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