Slacker and stacker

Happy Sunday!

I’ve been a super slacker when it comes to the blog. Seriously, how hard is it to write a few things and post a photo or two? Okay, it’s hard. lol But not THAT hard that weeks go by, right? 🙂

My sincerest apologies!

Some news…

I’ve signed up for a large local Farmers Market. It’s taken some, a lot, a whole lot of courage to do this because …well, there’s not enough room in this blog box to go into detail but suffice it to say it has everything to do with the whole “I am enough” vs. “I am not enough” part of my brain.

So, I asked a young lady if she wanted to help me out on Saturdays and as soon as she said “YES” (it actually made her day! lol) I clicked on the “sign up for market” in the “my market manager” page online. I know I can’t do it alone so I asked for help.

My fingers were shaking. This is a huge step for me.

I’ll have a jury appt in a few weeks. A jury is something where people look at your stuff for sale and deem it fitting for their venue. I guess my photos I sent were not enough.

I’ll keep my fingers crossed and, at the same time “act as if” I’m already in.

A giant leap of faith to do this.

To have faith that maybe there’s room for me, maybe my stuffage is cool and unique enough to get into the Farmer’s Market.

A little bit of feeling like Sally Fields lol (for those of you that are young look her up on google or youtube…  “They like me, they really like me” speech)

Getting ready for the possibility of being a vendor in a Farmer’s Market sort of skyrocketed me into “omg, do I have enough product?” mode.

A mode I’ve been in before. With shows and other Farmers Markets.

Being in the local SET show at the Ike box in Salem, Oregon (SET stands for Salem Etsy Team…they’re AWESOME! If you’re on Etsy, get on a local team!) showed me (pun inteeeennnnndddded!) that I have to have more inventory to match the people that will walk by. So if it’s 10K people…we’ll need more stuff to sell…right? I have no idea how much product you’re supposed to have for 10K people but pfffttt whatever.

“Show product panic disorder”  It’s on Web M.D. ….I checked 😉

So I made more spinner rings using (gawd, this should will be ANOTHER blog post!!! I have new toys tools …(my new Potter USA jewelry press)  and with tiny cabochons (2 and 3 mm!) and some different wire, made some rings. I like matte and oxidized because it gives it an aged Victorian look that I think is pretty.

I snapped these photos and shared them on Facebook.

People went crazy. Like, batshit crazy.

spinner stackers with stones 3

Peridot, Onyx, Sunstone, lab created Ruby, Rainbow Moonstone, Iolite (pronounced “eye-O-light”), carnelian, lab created topaz and opals

spinner stackers with stones

Bright shiny colors, the 3 mm cabochons are just too cute!

spinners stackers with stones2 One person after another said “WANT”

And my facebook messenger exploded. They even <gasp!!> said things PUBLICLY like “OMG I HAVE TO HAVE ONE” and “are those for sale? like, right now for sale?” and “WOW!!!”

And I got alllllllllllllllll twisty inside.

As you can see, there’s less than 15/20 rings. I just went to town practicing with some 3mm cute as button cabochons and in spite of my shyness, posted a few pics anyway.

I still feel quite like I’m in kindergarten with my work and, so… when people responded with “Make me some in my kids birthstone colors” I got all twisty inside.

A bit “Really?”

“You really want ME to MAKE you something and you want to PAY me for making you something?”

Because, in my mind, sometimes I see my work as 5 years old.

Yes, really.

I hate getting all personal with how I feel about my work in this blog. But if I’m going to make “I am enough” jewelry and be a sprouting jewelry designer/metalsmith…then I gotta get naked sometime. I don’t mean naked in the sense that I am in my birthday suit, but naked in the sense that you see who I am as a person.

Life is too short to not be real.

Because people…we’re all like this on some level. It’s just that not many people talk about it! Which makes the twisty feelings worse.

Shame loves darkness. Seriously…if you don’t want to bathe in shame, get out of the water that is darkness.

Here’s a towel…dry that shit off.

Free therapy or whatever. You’re welcome. Pass it on 🙂

So I ignore the twisty feeling inside (it has a loud voice that says “You know Bobinda, they’re just being nice and saying your work is cute because they feel sorry for you. Nobody has the heart to tell you to just STOP because you’re not going anywhere in life as a metalsmith” blah blah freakingblah (YES, it says that)

It doesn’t stop there either…it goes on and on.

And I have to fight it.

Some days, more than others.

See, at some point I have to believe in myself and even if I feel 5, take a hard look at my work and ask myself “am I at the top of my game? Am I really making things that are a good product, with excellent customer service?”

And that means asking myself “well, what IS my game?”

And if my game is kindergarten…then I need to just UP my game. I don’t need to entertain my negative thoughts and call my work “stupid” and “lame.”

I just say “well, my solder joins are crap and I need to improve.” And, “my stone setting sucks, so I need to improve.”

Just the facts. Address the crappy joins or the poor finishing or the improper stone setting…NOT me as a person. Not allowed!! <shakes finger> “no no no!”

No need for the baseball bat to beat myself up with. One of these days I’m gonna put that sucker through a wood chipper!

And in metalsmith-ville, I look at lots of photos, I read lots of magazines, blogs, books and facebook groups posts. I watch a few whale load of videos and soak up everything I can. There’s so many variables with metal so comparing MY work to YOUR work is like apples to oranges sometimes. But I try to keep up with where my work is SUPPOSED to be for the money I ask for.

So… I went on another ring making binge. This time to not only stave off the fear of not having enough low/mid price point stuff on hand to sell at Farmers Markets but to sell online. Life is funny like that!

People love the stacker rings.

Wow man…totally cool. Yeah, I totally just said that with my inner Janis Joplin voice haha

So I ordered more tiny 2 and 3 mm cabochons, adding genuine opals and turquoise to the mix.

My little piles of “preciousssss”

Here are some lab created opals that are pink…they’re sooo pretty!

tiny cabs



I get my pretties from Gem Resources, Rio Grande and some pretty amazing Etsy peeps.



3 mm Peridot set in fine silver bezel cup in pattern wire



7 mm rare Madiera deep Citrine








Tiny 2 mm lab created blue topaz



The Citrine, blue topaz and Peridot ring were the immediate <shocking> results of the posting the photos of the stacker rings.

Literally minutes after I posted the pics I got a custom order.


Wow, I’m blessed beyond measure 🙂

So, if you have a blog…keep going. Share what you make, even if you think it looks stupid. One of the “experiments” I’m doing while writing this blog, is I’m seeing the progress I’m making. Not leaps and bounds overnight, but baby steps.

If you make pretties, whether it’s with a torch or a pair of pliers, keep going.

We all start in kindergarten and some move on to Master’s degrees and some kinda drop out in high school.

I want to get my Master’s degree in this gig.

And, I’m  not JUST talking about setting diamonds in gold, that’s probably never going to be ME personally… I just don’t see myself headed in that direction. I’m more of an organic earthy type of artisan. Not a lot of money in it like diamonds and gold but…I’m okay with it. It’s who I am as a person and it’s who I am as an artist. I’d LOVE the money that the gold/diamond people make but… it is what it is.

I’m talking about wanting to get my Master’s in the sense that I want to keep going in my education, my drive, my work.

I want to get my Master’s degree in the spirituality in the game we call life – by being a really good person and doing good things.

Raise the bar for yourself somewhere in your life. Whether it’s playing with metal or blogging.

Up your game. If you don’t like where you’re at, move. You’re not a tree.

Don’t listen to the voices in your head that say you can’t. Get on a fast horse and outride those suckers. They’re not your friends and they’re dead weight.

“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t…you’re right” ~ Will Rogers.

I want to thank those of you with metalsmithing blogs, artsy fartsy blogs, funny blogs, sad blogs and educational blogs. You have shared yourselves with the rest of us and I think that’s awesome! Thank You!

And if you want one of your very own LindaBoBinda’s stacker rings you can go here to my Etsy shop 🙂

Slacker status averted, whew!








2 thoughts on “Slacker and stacker

  1. Heatherincanyon says:

    I literally teared up to hear you say you didn’t think your stuffs are good enough!! And yes, I love that my “order” made your blog. And yes your work is amazing. And NO, I don’t say it to make you feel better, you know ME better than that =) I’d gently tell you how a hobby ,and a craft and a business all differ… You my friend, have made a hobby into a beautiful craft that evolved into a business. A successful one to boot! Shut that inner bully up (maybe feed her a healthy granola bar and send her to camp for the summer) and believe in yourself. I do. And based on your fb followers, I’m in good company, lots of good company!

    Liked by 1 person

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