Stamping copper, silver and brass jewelry

It’s Sunday, which means it’s time for another simple blog post ๐Ÿ™‚

I stamp custom jewelry and other items, like guitar picks and small bookmarks/purse tags, shoe tags and keychains.

It’s really fun.

Whenever I get a new stamp or an entire alphabet, the first thing I do is mark them with a color because I’m organized.

Like, uber organized.

Then, I find the top of the stamp so that when I use it, it’s orientated properly. I mean, who wants to stamp an “A” upside down when you’re at the end of a 3,352 word quote (okay, so they’re never that long but they look like that when you screw up on stamping!)

I take my marker and I mark up the top of the letter, so that’s where my index finger goes. It’s easy to do, it’s my system and I rarely make mistakes using this system. IMG_7912

I also use the same color marker and write a word (most of my stamps have the same word so it’s cohesive) that corresponds to that letter. You can see my words written on the stamp.

So now I know where the top of the letter is, to orient the stamp and what letter I’m grabbing. I’ll line the letters up like this for each word and double check to make sure I’m not spelling wrong.

Most of the rings I make are the “I am enough” spinner rings. I am enough demo

Now, I’ve been making these rings since 2012. That’s THREE years. In that time I have stamped these words hundreds of times. On copper. On sterling silver. On brass.

And once or twice a month I stamp the “enough” out of order. Usually the “o” and the “u”

I don’t know WHY I do this, it’s usually a “bright shiny things” moment and I get embarrassed every time. I’m the only one in my studio but I’m embarrassed.

I won spelling bees as a kid. I’m a pretty good speller. But…this word… enough.

Back to the stamping…


You can see in this photo that the ring will have “live now” – that’s what the customer wanted.

In the middle of the ring blank I cut out, I put a mark. I do this for several reasons. I don’t want any letters to get filled in with solder when I solder the ring, when I go to clean up and polish, the solder line is on the opposite side, when I go to stamp the ring .925 sterling silver, I want it on the opposite side and, most of all, I want the spacing to be even.

Here I used painters tape. This stuff lasts forever. I can write on it, it’s removable and easy to replace when I see that I need a straighter line. Most importantly, it leaves little or no residue, which can interfere with soldering the band later on.

Instead of using painters tape for the stamping, especially for expensive rings, I’ll use…wait for it


Electrical tape!

Forget about buying the stampers tape. It’s too expensive!

You can find electrical tape anywhere. I go to a lot of yard sales and I am always finding some. I get it for a dime or a quarter and I just snip off what I need.


Here you can see that stamping has curved my ring blank. Hammering of any kind – stamping included will move metal. This is an example of stamping from left to right. Usually I stamp from my middle line out. This cuts down on “le stamping curl.”


The customer wanted uneven stamping. Being a littleย  OCD and uber organized I kinda have issues with this and struggle to make them uneven. To her, this represented the “ups and downs of life” as she remembered to “live now.”

Happy stamping and if you like what you see here, go to my Etsy shop and want something customized, here’s the link ๐Ÿ™‚

This font is “Wackadoodle uppercase” by the way. Fun stamp to work with.

IMG_8911Medical alert bracelet tag ๐Ÿ™‚

IMG_5394Namaste copper cuff



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