Sizing a wide band ring or spinner ring


Wide rings get stuck.


Because of a little thing I like to call “skin displacement.”

Narrow rings or bands that “fit” slide effortlessly over the knuckle bump. (Wait, you didn’t know I made up words? Hang in there Sparky, I make up the most fantabulous words ever!) It’s a wonderfulicious hobby of mine. I sometimes take it too far, but pffft, whatever. It’s fun, I like it.

Ummm, bright shiny things moment, where was I?

Oh, knuckle bump. This is a “thinner spinner” ~ which fits more true to a regular size. You can order these through my Etsy shop here or just type in “Thinner spinner” ~ hopefully that will help you find me. 🙂

As you can see, I have a slight knuckle bump in this photo.


When a narrow band slides over the knuckle bump, a good fitting ring becomes…well, comfortable. I forget my wedding band is there 99% of the time because it fits well and is super comfy.

With spinner rings or wide band rings, the knuckle bump matters. Here, you can see the ring looks like it’s barely over the knuckle bump. It’s smaller than the ring in the photo above but still fits. I’m still able to get it over the knuckle bump. Win.


The knuckle bump isn’t the only thing that’s important … so is skin.

At the base of the finger or thumb is wider, so once you slide on the ring, if you’re not careful, then the ring can get stuck.


You can see in this photo, the ring sizer is slightly thinner than my wedding ring (rings are from wire, bands are from sheet) and is flat, as opposed to round. So the sizer will displace a bit more skin as opposed to the ring. The wider the sizer = more skin displacement. You can find this particular sizer in my Etsy shop here

The displaced skin almost seems to create a suction that keeps the ring on. Fun. (not)

So, sizing a wide band ring is really important, especially on custom/personalized items.

ESPECIALLY expensive wedding bands!!

I usually tell people that they need to go to a professional jeweler and get sized properly for a wide band ring. If you do, then take your time and slide the sizer on and off your finger. Imagine the hot days when your hand is swollen, imagine gripping something and seeing if the sizer remains comfortable.

If it feels tight, ask the jeweler  .25 size up and do this in .25 increments until it is comfy.

Easy peasy.

If you do get a ring stuck, use a water soluble lubricant. Some people use shampoo, lotion or …you guessed it, a water based K-Y jelly.

I always have a tube of K-Y in a small squeeze bottle when I’m doing a show or helping people try on rings. I mark the bottle “emergency ring lubricant” and have a cute jar of it available when people freak out, which they do. (only because of what K-Y is usually used for) But trust me, it’s one of the best things to have when you’re doing a show because, if you’re a customer, you don’t want to have to find a bathroom to try to loosen it off with soap.

And, if you’re a vendor…then the last thing you want to worry about is “is my customer getting injured trying to remove the ring?” (are we liable? I dunno, but, thanks to my dad and his “girl scout” lessons, be prepared!)

And sadly, one of the realities is that sometimes people will fake getting the ring stuck, then ask if they can find a bathroom to use soap and water to get it off, then you never seen them again. Happened. Once. So, I always have some kind of lubricant to make ring removal a success. Win!

I think it’s funny when people get the rings stuck on their fingers and they have this “oh crap” look on their faces… and the panic ensues. I try not to giggle but it’s there, trust me.

Sure, it’s funny til it happens to YOU BoBinda, then it’s not so funny is it? Actually, it is. It’s still funny.

You can also try putting the hand in a bowl of ice water, raising it above your head and a string trick (I don’t know if the video will work but here’s the link DOT com/watch?v=ihB_lTOSshM

Mad props to the peeps in youtubeville for taking the time to post those vids… thank you!!

I’ve never had someone get a ring so stuck that it wouldn’t come off. Nobody ever had to go to the ER, swaddled in the the gurney, chased by paparazzi to get their finger chopped off. (Seriously I think that’s the visual people have when they get the “oh crap, my ring is stuck” look on their face) Ummm….wait, you don’t have that kind of visual…pffft, you’re no fun 😛

Also, if you go swimming,you might want to remove your ring. Not only does cold water shrink your fingers, motion and resistance in the water can pull your ring off – you’ll lose it and never know exactly where. Bad ocean, bad! And, no. Flipper won’t magically come up and go “eek eek eek” and take you to the ring at the bottom of the ocean. He only does that when Timmy falls in the well…oh wait, that was Lassie. Neverfreakingmind.

Told you I have “bright shiny things”

If you’re a silversmith and make rings, know that in the land of jewelry making adding .05 to your ring blank measurement is a wise choice, and usually does the trick in a pinch.

I go the extra mile (thanks dad for all the girl scout “be prepared” lessons!) and ask for knuckle bump pics so I can size their ring better. I’m super visual and it helps!

Some spinner rings need to be flared a certain way so the skin displaces even less. This is especially true for arthritic fingers. Flaring the spinners so there’s less skin displacement is a whole ‘nother blog, a few years away!

And, in the rare instance even after being sized by a pro that your ring is too tight, (happens) you can always ask your talented jewelry artisan to size it up gently using a ring stretcher. I’m not tooting my own horn, there are TONS of spinner ring makers out there and they are all talented!!) I’ve done it so I know it can be done. Your ring stills LOOKS cool but the spinner won’t spin, much, if at all.

If you’re a silversmith and you do this, be sure to tell your customer that this might turn the “spinner part” of the spinner ring into a “fixed” spinner. It will decrease the area between the main ring band and the spinner and sometimes stretching just closes the gap so much that the spinner no longer spins and becomes “fixed” in place.

Some people don’t mind and some people do.

If the ring is too big and you need to size down, you can carefully saw through the ring from the inside out, being careful to make it as straight as you can and try to salvage the ring…but after making thousands of spinner rings I’ve never ever had luck and have had to remake the ring. I’ve been able to reuse the spinner but never the main band.

Keep in mind that water weight, that time of month for women, weight gain or weight loss, hot weather, cold weather, alien landings near the mall and other things can factor in whether a ring fits or not.

Happy sizing!



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