I am enough

I am enough demo

I am enough

Think about those words for just a sec ok?


Shut facebook down, shut the music off, stop whatever it is that you’re doing and take a deep breath in.


Do you believe you are enough?

If so, then I’m really really glad you have that gift. It’s such a gift to know that about yourself.

That’s what I want to give to people. That gift.

Of knowing


See, I had never seen the three words together like that until one day, when my brother Tony, patted, then grabbed my arm and yelled “Did you SEE that?”

“See what?”


He turned my head gently so I could see what he was so excited about. (I’m dense like that, missing the obvious! He was gentle like that because …because that’s just who he was)

A man, wearing a white T-shirt and the shirt simply said “I am enough.”

To me it was some guy wearing a t-shirt, standing in a very annoyingly long line at DisneyWorld, with 2 fabulously tired and, at the same time, excited little girls.

But not to Tony. He was on fire. You have to understand, Tony was never an “on fire” type of person. Calm, mellow, quiet. That was Tony. THIS was some guy who looked like he just won the freaking lottery.

Tony, my brother, was soooo excited. It was as if the three words together in one sentence created an emotional nirvana in his soul.

His eyes had this rapturous shine to them. His smile just screamed “I can see now, it’s right there! In front of me! omg It was right in front of me all these years!”

I could see the mental, emotional and almost a physical connection at some weird deep spiritual level that he had with those words on the t-shirt.

I could see that he wanted ME to get it at the same intense level.

That moment, standing in line at DisneyWorld with my brother Tony and my kids..changed my life forever.

Those three words.

“I am enough”

That moment. That look in his eyes. The reason we were at DisneyWorld in the first place… and the knowing, that somehow he had fallen onto the secret that we all need to discover.

He got it. Whatever “it” is.

It was 1992 or 1993, I can’t remember. But my brother was giving us this amazing gift of a week at DisneyWorld.

So that’s how this whole thing started.

And that’s what I hope you remember as I take you on this journey, not just of the whole “I am enough” message, but my jewelry and what I want…no, what I MUST give to people.

That gift.

You are enough.

When you go to bed tonight, I hope these 3 words ring in your ear.

Because it’s true. You may not believe it. But I do, I know it’s true.

I hope you wake up tomorrow with the realization that you might be wasting your life away believing a lie.

That you were never good enough, that you aren’t good enough, that you’re not pretty enough, handsome enough, rich enough, thin enough, smart enough, witty enough, and insert all the other “enough” in here.

The list goes on doesn’t it?

I hope a tiny spark flickers in your soul when you read the words “I am enough”… I hope that if you have spent the last 10 years, the last 20 years or the last 80 years believing you aren’t enough… that maybe I can change that.

Because for years, ever since I can remember, I thought I wasn’t enough. I tried proving that I wasn’t enough in a myriad of ways. I’m still here in spite of all those things.

I hope that the tiny spark grows into a warm fire in your soul and when you realize it’s true for you…then it’s time to pass it on to others.

Kind of like sharing some really good chocolate. Or something like that.

I couldn’t…and can’t,  pass it on until I believed it for myself. And some days are better than others, trust me.

I know enough about the darkness and enough about the light to be happy I went through the darkness…and stand in the light, most of the time anyway.

You just never know what standing in line will do to change your life.

This one is for you Tony. Thank You. I get it, you were right. I’ll let everyone know now.



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